ELRC 19 PD/Coaching Specialist Supports

ELRC 19 PD/Coaching Specialist Supports


This exciting initiative in Chester County was created to enrich the experience for all who work in the Early Childhood field. This program provides positive outcomes for children and enhanced professional development for practitioners. This service will provide support and assistance in ways that can help you and the children in your care get the most out of the child care experience.  We will partner to establish goals that move the program forward and achieve high quality.

Coaches will use methods such as teacher input, classroom observation, and assessments that will allow for strong foundations, relationships, and communication that are such an integral part of these early years.

Some examples of what we can collaborate on include:

  • Goal setting and creating an Action Plan to enhance program practices
  • Review program-wide policies or systems that build relationships, teacher-parent interactions, and engagement of families
  • Assessment of the social-emotional environment of the classroom and program
  • Provide community resources that support child and family functioning

 As guest(s) in your facility, the PD/Coaching Specialist adheres to the following codes of conduct:

  • The Specialist must always have a staff person with them when they are with children at the facility and may not be counted as part of a ratio group and may not be left alone with the children.
  • The Specialist may not change diapers or assist in toileting procedures in any way.
  • The Specialist will schedule onsite visit times and dates ahead of time—they will not arrive unexpectedly.
  • The Specialist is a guest in classrooms and facilities.
  • The Specialist is a mandated reporter and will follow DHS regulations

To request services download the below form and send to Tanesha Pride, Coaching/Professional Development Specialist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Request for Coaching/Professional Development Specialist